The non-sexy, but all essential.

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  • We have many tasks that are important, but not nearly as sexy as a kitchen remodel or installing big giant anchors going through the foundation. So even though they won’t be amazing photo ops, we’d like to celebrate them just the same. Especially since they are not always easy tasks to complete.

    Last night, once Olive fell asleep we were able to sand some walls and get closer to priming a few rooms (Olive’s room is officially wallpaper free). But the really exciting project was the new transom for the back door (photo to come). As with most home rehabs there are always projects you didn’t plan on. Replacing the back door was one of those projects for us.

    With the rotten wood taken out, Q filled in the void with quickcrete. Next step: replace the door. This will be the fun part. The current door is original, a.k.a. an odd size of 34″ x 82″ with a rough opening that won’t be a perfect match for either a 34″ or 36″ door regardless of the non-standard height. So this will be fun. Stay tuned for the conclusion.

    NEXT NON-SEXY: New garage entry step.

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