Non-sexy update.

  • This weekend was not as rewarding as last.

    The temperature dropped to the low 40’s, so we  capped the radiator pipes in the kitchen and attempted to re-start our boiler. Unfortunately, we failed. With our boiler out of commission Quinton focused on installing the new back door. With everything pretty much going against him –from his batteries going dead to spray foam going rogue– he was able to install the door and prep the area for trim. (Quinton very successfully channeled his Dad and applied enough spray foam to allow the door to stand up on it’s own even if the house falls down.)

    With the door installed, Quinton took over looking after Olive and I was able to remove the last remaining pieces of wallpaper in the kitchen and mud up the void left behind by the trim. The room is still quite rough, but we are getting closer to painting.

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