Shop, research, and work. In this order.

  • This weekend we were able to make some headway. We shopped, researched, and worked. But first I need to vent – WALL PAPER removal is not my friend!!! If I am ever tempted to say “I can remove the wallpaper, no problem,” please shoot me! Although I technically can, I do not want too.


    We picked up a miter and table saw as well as a pneumatic nailer from Harbor Freight. We also went to Lowes and Ikea, but walked out with nothing!!! We were so proud of ourselves.


    • Kitchen:
      • Cabinets – We hit the road for Ikea to take a look at the kitchen we had planned. Sadly, we didn’t like the cabinets. All the white cabinetry had a plastic look and feel that we really didn’t like. The new solutions we are thinking through are the unfinished cabinets available at Lowes, Home Depot and/or Menards with white pickle wash or painting. But, with a budget of $875 for all the lower cabinets we are hoping there are some options at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, waiting for us at a fraction of the cost. (While we were at Ikea we did find a few things we liked.)
      • Ceiling – Although the ceilings are pretty bad throughout the house, the kitchen is our first priority. We’ve looked into bead board, tin or tin-like tiles, and even were wondering if paintable wallpaper (gasp) might be the way to go. We are still undecided, but I think bead board is currently ahead of the bunch.
    • Entryway: The entryway walls are so far the worst walls in the house with about 4 layers of ‘stuff’ whether it is wall paper, paint or unknown. The long-term solution is to build 5′ height wainscoting with coat/hat hooks and add a simple paintable wallpaper above. However, the short-term solution is undecided. With the goal to not spend money on a solution that we will have to re-do later, it is hard to find the perfect solution other than ignoring the hideousness.

    Which is the perfect segue into…


    • Backdoor: Quinton was able to get a little further along with the back door trim, and with this door fully functional, we ARE able to ignore the ugly entryway walls. Yippe!
    • Kitchen: I was able to fully mud the kitchen, which means it is ready to be sanded and primed.
    • Living room:  Wallpaper and wallpaper glue FREE!!! With the visual impact not being all that great, I’ve added the living room into the non-sexy category, because lets face it, these photos make the backdoor look like a super model. But with over 20 hours of work going into this task… it deserves some respect.

    Next weekend, we will prime the kitchen and prep the floors to be sanded the following weekend.

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