A Quick Update (Boiler, Cabinets & Plumbing)

Here is a quick update.

  1.  Boiler is working again. Turns out we did everything correct, if not overly cautiously correct. The problem was the boiler was not receiving any water due to a clog in the pipe and a feeder valve stuck close. All is fixed, and we have heat just in time for the outside temperature to go from the 40’s to the 80’s. (We couldn’t have timed this better.)
  2. Cabinets are selected: Amber Leaf Cabinetry. All we need to do is measure everything one more time, to make sure our plan will work, order the cabinets, and wait 7 days for assembly.  Yeah for Quinton’s internet sleuthing skills! Once they arrive we will have to spend time painting them white and potentially upgrading the hinges, adding the hardware, etc.
    • We are going to visit the Habitat for Humanity Restore this Saturday, just to make sure there isn’t a diamond in the rough waiting for us.
  3. A new problem has arisen. With the move of the sink, we are now required to vent it (it was formerly unvented, but this means little to the village inspectors.) Quinton found a new solution through a handy thingy, but the Village has rejected this. So, now we need to figure out if we could vent it through an existing vent, which seems unlikely, or build a new vent, which is a larger task then we anticipated. Luckily the mud room is right there which alleviates potential cosmetic concerns, but still means we have a larger task. So… ugh.

That is all we have thus far!

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