Weekend 5

  • Wow! Can you believe it is has been 5 weekends since we started?

    This weekend we spent our first night in the house. Unfortunately it felt more like camping with the kitchen dismantled and no furniture to speak of. But the four of us toughed through it with an air mattress and instant coffee. 🙂

    Saturday we made our way to Habitat for Humanity Restore to check out what they had. We were able to spy some great deals we will need in the future like kitchen hardware ($.50 each) tiles for the eventual backslash, but the kitchen cabinets were slim pickings and mostly particle board. We did however purchase some trim for the backdoor ($.15 per foot), paint-able wallpaper ($5 per roll)… and (I think I am forgetting a third item). We also picked up some primer at Home Depot because the kitchen is PRIMED!!! yeah!!

    Sunday we finished a second coat of primer and then enjoyed a breakfast at IHOP. After which Quinton dropped Olive and I off at the Chicago house, then cleaned up the kitchen and removed the quarter-round molding. (Apparently he also spent some time prepping for Mother’s day, but I am not privy to what this actually is.) It is worth highlighting the nails used to install the quarter-round. Typically you want to use small finishing nails that leave very little trace of their existence, instead we found very very large nails. Not sure how this will impact us just yet when we go to re-install them.


    • Primed/cleaned kitchen
    • Mudded living room
    • Backdoor external molding
    • Quarter-round pulled up for sanding
    • More Kitchen cabinet research

    Next weekend: Sanding floors

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