More on the Floors and Kitchen.

Although I was out of town for most of the week, we still managed to move forward with the house. Upon my returned Olive and I hung out in the backyard while Q continued work on the floors with a floor edger. Again the old varnish proved to be frustrating, but we are almost ready for staining which is very exciting.

We also finally made the decision to spend a few extra dollars and go forward with Cliq Studios for kitchen cabinets. This decision was not an easy one. With our tight budget we were looking forward to recreating our kitchen in our current house (which we love), but after selecting the white hardwood door from Ikea’s options the cost difference was only a few hundred dollars. With this extra spending we will be getting pre-assembled all wood cabinetry, and once we are ready to order the upper cabinets we will have some pretty swanky design options. So despite our strong desire to stay on budget we are taking the plunge.

Edger (kitchen)

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