Sanding, Staining, poop happens and more surpises.

  • Early in the week we sat down to figure out what needed to be completed in time for us to move in at the end of June. eek! We are feeling the pressure.

    We decided to whittle our list down to completing the kitchen, as such our goal this weekend was to stain and finish the floors so they would be ready for the cabinets to be installed when they arrive (which are penciled in for June 15). I also discovered on Tuesday the sink we chose was not in stock, but Ikea would receive 3 on Saturday to last until end of June. So this too was on the list for the weekend.

    Friday and Saturday I focused on sanding the last remaining edge work. At which point Q, Olive and I met up for an early dinner with the goal to stain the floors and be home by midnight. Olive had other plans. During the car ride from dinner to the house she had the most dynamic poop explosion yet, everything was covered. After a quick bath we had no other choice but to put her car seat cover in the washer, which meant we were going no where until the morning once it was all dry.

    Initially we chose the Golden Oak stain, but second guessed ourselves and bought Cherry as well. After testing both on the floor under cabinets we decided Golden Oak was the way to go, and we love it!

    Today, Q applied the first coat of finish and continued work on the back door.

    Tomorrow, Q will apply the second coat of finish while Olive and I make the final choice for paint. Home Depot is having a sale on all paint and we want to save a dollar where we can.

    Lastly, this week we got a surprise from our Home Insurance company. They are requiring us to replace the roof on the house and garage within 60 days or they will drop our policy. As you can imagine this ‘surprise’ is flexing original budget, so we will be looking for creative ways to continue working on the house.

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