A Catch-all Catch-up.

It has been a long time, or at least it feels like it. BUT, we are still here and still moving forward.

We had a few days of set backs due to sickness, work, and just general tiredness, but you would be surprised at all we were able to get done. And by that I mean how much help we were able to solicit from folks. So this is going to be a general catch-all catch-up.


We have secured three more bids, and are continuing to research our options. We hope to figure this beast out in the next two weeks.


The Kitchen is done! and we are on to the Bathroom (At least regarding electric.)


The cabinets arrived! Unfortunately I can’t give Cliq Studios a rave review. We ordered 4 cabinets, a toe kick, a filler piece, and two toe caps. After some issues of the non-cabinet pieces going rogue on the delivery truck, all arrived. But, 2 out of the 4 cabinets are scuffed up and the pull-out draw is completely disappointing. The pull-out is awkwardly too small for the cabinet, and was installed at about a 1/2″ slant making it hard to pull-out and very ugly. Chris and Roxanne at Cliq Studios are helping us figure out next steps. My only hope is too have it all figured out quickly since we need to install these this weekend ideally.


The kitchen and backroom floors are finished. Although we aren’t 100% happy with the finish product, I am happy and Q is not. He wants to sand and apply one more coat. So we shall see.

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