Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen and Floors.

This weekend was a busy one!

Three fun highlights of the weekend were:

  • Moving the gas pipe to allow the stove to be installed in the perfect place;
  • hard-wiring the dishwasher; and,
  • discovering beautiful plank floor boards in the mud room under crappy vinyl.

We installed the fridge, stove, the two cabinets that are ready to be installed, and we also managed to finish sanding and staining Olive’s room. Next, we will be ready to cut the counter top and install the sink. Once the last two cabinets arrive we can finish it all up đŸ™‚

On a sad note, our dishwasher seems to have an issue with the clamp that keeps the door from closing, causing it not to work. We don’t know if this will be an easy fix or an annoying one, but once we finish the kitchen we will tackle this project.

Nevertheless, we are very excited and very tired. Our upcoming vacation is looking very appealing!!!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen and Floors.

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