So very Close, and a set back.

This week we have been pulling some long nights and getting the kitchen even closer to completion, but unfortunately we also found out some bad news regarding the electric.


Cliq Studios really came through for us, and delivered the new cabinets on Tuesday. Phew! We have them in place and have started to install the counter top and sink. I really can’t believe how close we are to having a functional kitchen. The kitchen install has so far (knock on wood) gone as planned with no hiccups. Last night we modified the 24″ sink basin to fit the Ikea apron sink, with a little guidance from this video and a few adjustments for the smaller single bowl apron sink. We were successful and very happy with the finished product.

The counter top however gave us a bit of a surprise. We purchased the 96″ long pieces which will give us about 1.5′ left over which I thought would make a nice table or cutting board. Upon our first cut, we discovered the counter top is not actually solid wood, but a sort-of thick veneer (see photo). Much to our surprise and disappointment, we were a little relieved that we only require two finished edges, but are a little worried the exposed cuts next to the stove will look a bit awkward/ugly… We shall see once we get  there. But, now we know how Ikea is able to sell these counter tops so cheap at $169 with the closest competitor, Lumber Liquidator priced at $259. So beware when Ikea says “- Solid wood; can be cut to length, sanded and surface treated as required”  they are fibbing.


We are moving fairly quickly upgrading the electric with the kitchen and bathroom about 90% done and other parts of the house not too far behind. Nevertheless, we got a set back when it was discovered that the wiring coming from the attic down (wall switches, ceiling fan, etc.) was for the most part the original knob and tube wiring. This will need to be replaced, setting us back in man hours and additional wall repair once all is said and done.


While we have been moving forward with the kitchen, I’ve been able to continue work with some other ‘non-sexy’ tasks.

Olive’s room floor: last weekend it was sanded and stained. This week  the floor outlet was removed with the intention to repair the hole properly, but discovered it was too close to a main support beam below, making this a non-easy task. End result: we went ghetto and plugged the hole with a piece of flooring cut to size placed perpendicular to the floor boards. It is not the prettiest repair, but it is not the ugliest either. (no picture yet- but soon). My next step is to stain the new ‘plug’ and seal the floors.

Living room: nothing too exciting, but this room is now 50% mudded. Getting closer to painting!!

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