The Technical stuff.

So I’ve been posting about mostly cosmetic details surrounding the kitchen, this post will be the technically ‘stuff’ Q has done that has gone by with little or no mention. Which is not fair, since the technically ‘stuff’ is often the most time consuming or annoying especially in an 100 year old home.


Back when we removed the nasty vinyl floor, Q removed the radiator. He then continued the work to prep it for a re-install which seems like it would be simple enough, but the parts to be replaced (shut off valve, etc.,) were actually no longer being produced and stumped the folks at a local plumbing store. To remove these archaic parts completely for a new assembly, a special tool was needed to remove the union from the interior of the pipe. Once again, Q returned to the local plumbing store for help and just at the right time; The sales clerk was on the phone with a plumber who frequented the store enough to tell the clerk what Q needed and where in the store to find it. From there it was smooth sailing.


To keep the kitchen design simple and avoid moving the gas line we left the stove in it’s original spot. However, when we removed the stove, we discovered the gas shut-off valve was very old and didn’t seem to do a good job. In the process of fixing this we also placed the pipe in it’s proper place, directly behind the stove verses 3″ to the right of the stove – easy-peasy!

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