Weekend Update, Part II (History Lessons.)

We wanted have post dedicated to the floor patch, mainly because it was a really fun  project.

Step  1: Remove the old wood (photo #1)

Step 2: Admire the remnants of the old patch.(photos #2-5)

Under the original patch we discovered a 1937 newspaper advertisement spread and a table cloth. We were really surprised to discover the date. We assumed this was a patch from the previous owner, but they moved into the house in 1941. Which means they lived in the house for 71 years with this crazy patch work.

Step 3: Take a good look at the sub-floor to make sure it was okay. (photo #6-7)

Step 4: Purchase new hardwood flooring to match existing floor.

Step 5: Think through the patch plan. (photo #8)

There were many tools available to secure the new flooring, but since the tongue and groove was not going the optimal direction to use the floor-nailer there was some trial and error to figure out the best solution. Ultimately, hand nailing and then using a tap to get the floor board into place was the winner.

Step 6: Creative Solutions (photos #9-13)

The old flooring had a thicker tongue then the new flooring, which required us to widen the the groove of the new flooring in the placed where we had to sister in the new boards. Yeah for table saws!
The last creative solution came to the very last board, which wasn’t a true 2″ board. Yeah for table saw again.

Step 7: Admire the final product (photo #14)

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