Weekend Update, Part I (The Overview)

Once again we looked at our list and tried to boil it down to what we needed to complete to move in. Our decision: the kitchen and the floors.So this became our priority for the weekend.

We decided to have Olive looked after on Saturday so we could focus on the house and knock out our tasks. Our tasks were:

  1. Finish the kitchen (install faucet, anchor cabinets, install counter top, etc.,)
  2. Finish the floor in Olive’s room
  3. Prep the floors  in the living and dining room.
  4. Meet with another roofer


With the faucet installed and two of the four cabinets anchored, we plan to complete the remaining cabinets over the week since this is something we can do while Olive sleeps. We have decided to push the painting, back splash, and detail finishing until we move in. Our goal was to make a functional kitchen and we are sooo close.


The floors are finished! By complete accident, I grabbed the high-build finish and was half way through before realizing this error. Luckily, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. After applying the second coat, we both agreed we liked the finished product better then the super-quick. So we have decided to use the high-build going forward.


While Q met with the last roofer I sanded the floors in the living room, which are now ready to be stained and finished. (Although we still have the hole left behind by the old electric outlet to be repaired.)

The dining room received a bit a face lift with a section of flooring replaced right in front of the bathroom (which we go into more detail in Part II). With this repair completed, we have to remove the electric outlet, repair this hole, sand, stain and finish. We hope to get this all done by Friday. Wish us luck.


We met with a final roofer, and… we will probably not move forward with him. After taking about 2 hours to tell us how to re-do our brand new kitchen, re-do our finished floors, and complete the floor patch Q was in the middle of, we were not impressed with his ‘knowledge’ and a bit frustrated we couldn’t keep him focused on the task we needed his help with – the roof. So we shall see where his bid comes in, but for now, we are not impressed and some what annoyed we lost 2 hours of workable time to listen to his ‘advise.’

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