Floors Floors, Everywhere Floors.

Yesterday was a marathon day of sanding (and working on the side). I was able to finish all the sanding in the dining room, which included the floor patch Q completed over the weekend.

Come evening time we got ready to stain the living room, but realized we preferred the stain-free Oak floor, so we will only stain the remaining Maple in the dining room and then we will apply the finish, and be done!

Unfortunately, we slipped a day behind to apply 3 coats of finish by Friday, and with temperatures jumping up to the 100’s tomorrow the drying time will probably be extended beyond the 18 hour mark. So we might be applying the final coats of finish as late as Sunday, (insert waaa-waaa sound here) but we will do all that we can to avoid this.

In good news, this means we have only one room left to sand and finish – the office. Luckily it is a small room that we might be able to finish up on Friday if all goes well.


4 thoughts on “Floors Floors, Everywhere Floors.

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