When it rains, the wind blows.

We have been working our butts off in hopes to get ready for my parents arrival on Saturday and our upcoming vacation. We finished off the kitchen, got the first coat of finish on the floors , and some other small house cleaning items. We even started to finish the trailer so we would be ready to move our furniture and potentially move-in.

The next steps were to finish the floors with a second coat and finish the trailer, but these didn’t happen.

A storm came through that tore half of the tree in our back yard down. Miraculously it fell everywhere, but didn’t hit the house, garage or my parents car. (Phew!!!) So After some gawking and feeling a strange mixture of ‘I can’t believe we have such bad luck’ to ‘I can’t believe we were so lucky it didn’t cause any major damage’ and of coarse ‘What do we do now?’ Q headed to Home Depot for a chain saw, and I started to sand the floors and clean up as much as I could.


We still have to finish chopping up and hauling away the tree – and we still have the floors, trailer and moving to do. (And of coarse the walls, electric, and etc.,) So we have altered our vacation to a stay-cation. Luckily my parents are still hanging around and will take care of Olive so we can do double time on the house.

2 thoughts on “When it rains, the wind blows.

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