The Floors (finished).

After we chain sawed the fallen tree in our backyard, we were able to refocus on the house with the hope of applying the second coat of finish. But a heat wave followed the storm and temperatures hovering in the low 100’s. Which meant the 24hour drying time became 4 days. In attempts to combat the crazy weather we added an additional AC unit, but we still lost a number of days of looking at the floor hoping it was ready to be sanded for the second coat.

Finally, it was ready and we applied the second coat, and began the second round of waiting. In the end we are happy with the floors, that is until I damaged the finish with a large shoe bin in the dining room. So soon we will post a  ‘how to patch the finish of hardwood floors.’

Until then, our floors are DONE!!!

3 thoughts on “The Floors (finished).

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