The Basement….

I feel as though I’ve been avoiding the basement, not for any one particular reason other than it is…. scary.

We originally wanted to turn a portion of the basement into a kid playroom/guest room, but when we scaled back our project list we decide to focus on cleaning it only. So while we have been moving along with the electric in the basement by updating the fuse box to a circuit box and replacing the old flexible conduit with hard conduit, the old nasty basement tiles have been slowly and surely coming down as needed. And with it, the evidence of the mice that once lived here.

However, we are now getting to the point where we need to actively clean it up and think about attacking the basement, and as such Q began to remove and  clean up the ‘stuff’ that has already started to collect in the basement.

Sadly, we have only ‘begun’ the project and not finished.

One thought on “The Basement….

  1. Ok, the worst thing about those ceiling tiles is that they give critters a place to live. The little old lady said that “sometimes she would catch mice in the basement” but that she just put out bait for them, and they would “dry right up.” Pulling down those tiles I found not evidence of a few mice sometimes, but a full on decades old mouse civilization. Mouse poop, mouse homes, little mouse pants and shirts, but mostly mouse poop. If you buy a house with these crappy tiles in the ceiling buy yourself a shovel and a big shop vac. Also a big bucket of mortar to start plugging holes.

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