The small pieces make the difference. (Or cause complete exhaustion.)

Q has been on a rampage working non-stop to finish up the electric outlets and the some details that allow us to cross rooms off our list. Unfortunately, we are still unable to stay emphatically ‘This room is done,’ but he has completed the electric in living room, bathroom and has only one outlet left to complete in the kitchen, move the pendant light above the sink and ceiling fan. We also have moved forward with other small-ish projects, despite the fact that we are more then exhausted and ready for a night off.


With the goal to complete the electric, we were faced with the decision of exhaust fan or storage. Originally we planned  to replace the old hole in the wall fan with an recycling exhaust  hood, but for the past month of cooking  we haven’t found a need to replace the old fan and now have opted for storage. So we decided to plug up the electric panel, and go with a pot hanger. (This way, if we change our minds later we can easily install the hood.) With this decision, the kitchen is coming together and is almost ready for paint and ceiling, and soon after a back splash. We even got some hardware on the cabinet draws.


Now that our internet has been transferred to the new house, it is pressing to get my office set up so I can continue to work. So after spending a day sanding and staining, all we need to do is apply the last coat of finish, wait, and I can move in. The ugly green strip wallpaper, will just have to wait for a rainy day or until I just can’t take it any more.


Since the house had never been connected for cable we were in for a treat. We wanted my computer and wireless router in the office and the cable box in the living room. Since these rooms are directly connected we thought this would be simple install. After the installer connected the wire and drilled a hole in the foundation to push the cable into the house, he pulled his drill out to put a hole in our freshly finished floors. AGH! I just couldn’t let it happen. So we have the router/and cable box in the basement, with the plan to run the wire up the wall into a wall mounted plug. Although it will take more time, it is much cleaner then having a hole in the floor.


These rooms can be crossed off the list for electric and are baby friendly.

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