Planning ahead & looking back.

We’ve been working out butts off, and took (or needed) a moment to recognize how far we’ve come since April 2 and what we have done verses what we haven’t done. And, it felt good!

Albeit a fleeting moment, it was a nice departure from the norm of looking around and seeing all that is still on our plate and feeling like this will never end.

So what is on our plate(s)?


  • Plug up the original hood electric connection
  • Paint/sand wall patches
  • move pendant light to proper place
  • install bead-board ceiling with trim
  • install back-splash
  • install shelves
  • install pot rack/shelf
  • install crown molding and base boards
  • switch fridge door handles
  • install radiator


  • install crown molding
  • Frame window/install shelf
  • install mini-blinds
  • Attack the entry way and install wainscoting


  • install electric
  • install radiator (clean radiator)
  • put ceiling fan blades back on


  • fix wall patch from electric
  • patch paint, if possible
  • return broken AC unit
  • install ceiling fan
  • finish electric


  • apply second coat of finish to floors
  • install electric
  • ignore crap-static wall paper and closet door


  • basement to-dos (a longer list that I am still ignoring.)
  • exterior to-dos (I will just stay inside the house forever, and never have to look at these.)
  • Inspections (ugh.)

I am sure I’ve forgotten a task or two, my detailed list is not here (which is kind of convenient, because this list is longer then I’d prefer) and of coarse there is the even longer list of what we still want to do, ie., renovate the bathroom, add stairs and dormers to build into the attic, create a kids playroom in the basement, remove the wallpaper/paint in the dining room, add upper cabinets to the kitchen, and the list literally goes on forever….

3 thoughts on “Planning ahead & looking back.

  1. Yes, you need to look at what you have accomplished. If you made a list of what you accomplished it would be a lot longer than this list!!!! You both need to be proud of what you have done and take some time to enjoy!!!!

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