Kitchen begins to feel complete.

This weekend we really wanted to re-set our focus on moving. We bought our moving kits and were ready to start packing and hauling everything across town. But we realized with our upcoming electric and roof inspections we have a bit more work to complete before we could ‘choose’ what we worked on (a.k.a. moving). As such, our focus was on electric. On the positive side, the kitchen is really starting to feel complete.

Awhile back we installed the cabinets and counter top, at this point the kitchen became functional and all seemed right with the world. But, from there it seemed like this room just kept dragging on with small tasks making little impact on overall completion of this room. This weekend was different, it really felt like we were making strides to getting this room closer to the finish line.

To finish the electric we had to move the pendant light to the proper place and run the bead-board to mount the light fixture. We couldn’t be more tickled to see the bead-board and the pendant light go up. (Thank you Dad for priming the bead-board for us!) At this point we decided to re-install the ceiling fan, which meant we needed to continue the bead-board (yeah!).

Sadly, we ran out of time before we had to come back to work today. However, we did replace the mounting bracket/electric box, which was attached directly to the plaster and was probably the original mount from 1941 when the kitchen was added on to the house. All this has been replaced with a heavy-duty ceiling joist bracket.

To tie us over until we are ready to renovate the bathroom, we finished the bathroom electric outlet by re-applying the old plastic tiles . Until we are ready to take this room on, our ‘quaint’ 1950’s bathroom will have to stay as-is.

One more fun weekend find, was a 6’x9′ carpet for the living room for $32 at Menards! I love good deals. So now, the old carpet is in the office and I am for the first time in over a year working in an office at a desk that has room for both my keyboard an mouse.

This afternoon is our rough electric inspection, wish us luck!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen begins to feel complete.

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