Tools moved to the basement.

Sadly and unfortunately, we have no new reveals of projects we worked on this weekend. I was slowed down and sick all weekend, and Q had the lonely task of packing up our stuff at the old house.

While Q wasn’t looking and Olive was napping, I did clean up our ‘tool’ closet.

We have, or had, a hallway closet dedicated to the tools we needed for various projects. Since many of these projects are now complete, and we will soon need the space for all our ‘stuff’ that is about to be moved over, I moved it from the upstairs to our designated basement workshop area. Sounds like a boring/non-glorious task, but I have to admit two thoughts:

1. It was nice to see the array of tools we have accumulated and think about all the projects we can complete for fun in the future with our new sanders, stain and varnish, etc. Our workshop spaces have supplies and tools waiting for us.

2. Man, it feels good to fully acknowledge we do not NEED any of these tools/supplies upstairs because a task is complete.

This said, we still have many, many, many chores to complete once we finish moving everything over.

2 thoughts on “Tools moved to the basement.

  1. Chin up trooper! You guys are doing great! There is a bug going around. Lots of people feeling sick this weekend myself included. Good news is it was a 24 hr thing 🙂

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