Moving Day.

Well we have moved most of our ‘stuff’ over to the new house (not including the garage, which will be another BIG project.) Although we had almost 90% of our boxes go directly into the basement, we still managed to create a tower of boxes in our dining room and office.  But, with almost everything over here now, it is feeling more and more like our home.

There are a few minor updates to add as well:

1. Olive’s Room is 80% put together with her furniture in place and her toys out for her to play with. However, we still need to:

  • complete the electric in her room by adding the wall plugs (we removed the floor plug when we refinished the floors, and have been using a extension cord for her monitor since),
  • hang all her decorating ‘stuff,’
  • replace the radiator that the previous owners removed, and;
  • Finish her closet. (Her closet is currently an odd mixture of paint and a strange board attached to the wall that we fear is covering up some type of wall damage.)

2. Carpet! Menard’s again saved us from spending a ton of money on carpet. They ran a ‘Back-to-School’ sale with 5′ x 7′ rugs for only $14.99! So I picked up two; One for the office and the other for the dining room. Most likely these won’t be the permanent solution, however, for the next couple of years they will do just fine and Olive can spit up as much as she wants on them. I will post some photos of each, once the boxes are no longer covering them up.

3. Crap-tastic office closet door is gone! I mentioned to Q, that I can’t wait until I can get rid of the nasty faux-wood folding vinyl door… Five minutes later, the door is down. Best husband!!

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