A table, double trouble.

Well, I spent double my budget, but it was worth it!

I’ve been scouring craigslist and trying to make time for the estate auctions/sales and have come up empty handed every time.  So when this table appeared on craigslist at 4:05pm today, I snagged it as quickly as I could. The table is perfect.

I really wasn’t able to pinpoint what we wanted, the pedestal tables seemed too informal compared to the built-in, but the formal oval tables seemed too modern. So when this table appeared on craigslist it was the perfect marriage between a square farm-style table and the elegant carvings of the Victorian or Federal style (I am not entirely sure which style it would be defined as, my guess is the federal style is probably more accurate given the time period of 1890-1914).

What made this table even more of a find, is the carpenters history. Louis Frederick Nonnast, a Chicagoan via Germany, had his own factory by 1889 down on Halsted Ave., and by the turn of the century the factory employed 150 people. Nonnast produced tables of all kinds, from library tables to dining-room extension tables later to become Louis F. Nonnast & Sons in 1914.

ps. The dining room is still in shambles, so we can consider this a ‘before’ photo. But please ooh and ahh over the table, I am!

7 thoughts on “A table, double trouble.

  1. I thought one of the most interesting things was that there are so few of these tables around because they were burned for wood in the depression. Not a lot of Nonnast tables left. That is an Abigail knowledge bomb, I can’t take credit.

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  3. I have a table in black walnut that is made by the same company. We are looking to sell it and need to find a value. Can anyone help!

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