Still moving…

Although it feels like we should be done moving, time is not on our side. We are still moving!

This weekend, Q steadily worked on moving the garage and fixing the old place up to rent. (This included: new light fixtures, drywall patches, red gravel in the front yard, and cleaning/packing.) While he was hard at work, Olive and I cleaned up the yard, and unpacked the dining room.


While cleaning up the last remnants of the fallen tree it dawned on me, when we bought this house we saw nothing but the improvements we could make. We didn’t foresee loosing the bushes in the front due to the foundation repair, a tree falling in the backyard, or a new roof that flattens half of our flower bed.  But, alas we are on the up and up with the fallen tree finally stacked neatly as fire wood and a fresh cut lawn. Hopefully there will be more improvements to be had.


With the dining room no longer stacked high with boxes and the pantry slightly organized with all our food and gadgets, we are making progress. Since we didn’t have a dining room in our last house,  we are now faced with a room that looks like a dumping ground…

Q:”Where does this go?”
My response: “I don’t know, just put it on the floor in the dining room.”

However, I am on the hunt for a new dining room table and chairs to turn this around. Wish me luck, I’ve set our budget at $100.

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