Fun ‘projects’

With our impending list and the pressure to get everything completed, I have (of course) created a distraction – a FUN Project list. This list, has all the projects that I hope to start/complete with little help from Q and are a little lofty in nature.

One project is to finish the entryway with  a built-in shoe cubbie and wainscoting.

This project is still under debate in our house-hold. Q doesn’t want to build anything completely custom in the house which might lower the resale value, where as I am tired of chasing down shoes and would like to have a place to put them that doesn’t take up our coveted floor space.

The entry way is small and shares a wall with the closet in the office. The idea is to cut a hole in the wall, install a built-in shoe cubbie that would take some of the floor space in the closet and be flush with the wall in the entry way.

One night, as I waited for a clients video to render I drafted up a plan for the built-in. Keeping in mind our walls are old plaster ones, my hope is to build this within the studs, knowing I’d would end up supporting a few with the top of the frame, so I doubled up the top cross beam even though this is not a load baring. The downfalls I see so far are:

  •  Potential crumble of plaster (easy to repair)
  • Creating an awkward space in the closet side of the wall. (not sure how big of a problem this is yet.)

An alternative to this is to build a cabinet like these. However, we would not be able to store our boots and the space would be tight, if a little too small for non-boot shoes. However, I still need to do some persuasion on the hubby.

Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Fun ‘projects’

  1. Great idea! I think the best way to see if the closet side is workable is to make a cardboard mock-up and tape it to the closet wall and live with it for a week or two. See if you can sell the husband on the idea.

  2. After seeing the front door entry, I think the cubbies are a great idea. you definately have room in the back of the closet for them. Just try to use wood and stain that compliments your bungalow style. I can’t imagine why it would take away from the value of the house

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