Holiday Photos

Each year the family holiday photo always seems like a threat more then fun. Last year it was me badgering Q that we really need to send out a holiday card/photo (but doing nothing), and him nodding trying to politely ignore me. Soon, the holidays came and went and we played the ‘We have a newborn card.’

This year, we have no cards to play. So yesterday with my GroupOn we went to the Picture People. The place was completely crazy with small kids all over the place and our little girl was right there with them. We were so proud.

After surviving the chaos we were pretty happy. To spice it up and highlight Olive, we went ‘Muppet Whatnot Style’ by creating a Muppet self to use as our stand in. This way, we didn’t need to worry about our hair, cloths or spending time getting ready. Here is a teaser image:img_00251.jpg

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