Chugging Along; Everything in a Nut Shell

With the holiday’s and the permit deadline both on the horizon we are busy, and have slacked on posting. Sadly, our electrician is officially a-wall, which means Q has taken on the job entirely by himself along with the rest of the tasks on our list. So he has been working on the weekends as late as 3am and the weekdays until 1am. He is a very tired man. So if you know an electrician who is willing to donate some time, please send him our way – we could use him!!!

Everything in a nutshell.

Plumbing Update

2012-12-03 12.01.13

Olive’s heater installed

Inspection: We passed!!! Yippeee. The inspector was amazingly helpful and even talked with me regarding the hot water heater, which is also completed.

The hotwater heater was an unique project. The original owners had tee’d into the gas line about 5 feet from the water heater, then used a notched out 2×4 to support flexible pipe that traveled under the vent of the boiler and around the chimney. This was definitely not to code. So Q capped the original tee, and tapped into the gas line about 2 feet from the hot water heater, and ran hard pipe directly to the heater, switched out the flexible vent for a hard vent and properly mortared it into the chimney.  Done! (Well almost, we went back a couple of days later to install a sediment trap to bring it up to code, then is was officially completed.)

The third plumbing project was the re-install the radiator in Olive’s room. The original owners removed the radiator, and replaced it with a flexible pipe that was about 3-4 feet long. So after inviting over several friends, we moved the crazy heavy cast iron radiator from the basement back into her room. We were very grateful the original owners kept the radiator, and that it was in good shape, but man it was dirty and a pain to install. The original hardware was unmovable. So Q had to literally cut it away. We were going to paint the radiator to match Olive’s room, but this will be slated for the summer when there is no pressure to get the heat back on, and move to the next task on the list.

Electric Update

New ceiling fan in our room.

New ceiling fan in our room.

While the plumbing was moving along, Q was also working on the electric which ‘UGH!’ is all I can write. This list seems to just get longer and longer. Between finding regular lamp wire spliced into the old knob-n-tube threaded wire, and light fixtures that have no mounting brackets and are wired directly into the knob-n-tube you’d think we would no longer be surprised, but we are. With these surprises we’ve divided our list into ‘bare necessities’, and ‘nice to haves.’ For instance the additional outlets in my office dedicated to my computer are on the ‘nice to have’ list while removing the death-trap/completely-illegal wiring is on the ‘bare necessities’ list.   Instead of listing all the individual electric completed tasks I’ve updated it here.

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