Weekend Post — Electric & Paint

This weekend consisted of us working tirelessly  from 9am to 2am with our focus going behind the walls or on the walls, literally.


Q has continued his efforts deconstructing and reconstructing the electric to bring it up to code.  It seems the house has documented every third decade and it’s various wiring practices with a dash of ingenuity (or thrifty-ness) of the previous owner. Nevertheless, he has made his way halfway through the attic. Much to my surprise and delight two outcomes with the new electric were, a new entryway light fixture, and flush mount light on our front porch. The front porch light was extra fun to pick out since our ultimate goal is to return the house to it’s Arts  & Crafts style, although I verved off course a little with the entryway light, but sshhh don’t tell anyone.


While Q worked away on the electric, I ran errands for his supplies, and painted the kitchen. The errands will come up again on Tuesday, but for now I will leave this as a surprise.

Painting was a 2-day affair between sanding the old dry wall patches and testing the new paint colors. Long ago we picked a green, but one day we looked at it, and  realized it was exactly the same color of mold resistant drywall. So the new color we chose was Whitened Sage. (Please excuse our dirty dishes in the sink, we slacked off during the weekend.)

Kitchen [Before]

Kitchen [Before]

Kitchen [Painted]

Kitchen [Painted]


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