The Good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’ll just dive right in…

The Good…

We passed both inspections! Plumbing and electric! We have one final inspection which we hope to have scheduled for the first week of January. Then we can relax.

The Bad…

As much as it feels great to know we no longer have these permits weighting on us as we finish up the year. It was a little disappointing the inspections together lasted about 5 minutes. I know it is a bit selfish, but if close to a 100 hours of work is going to culminate into a 5 minute or less inspection, at least Q should receive a huge trophy or high-five. But we will absolutely not split hairs, and hope these approved inspections continue as we enter 2013. We have one last BIG inspection.

The Ugly…

Last Wednesday Olive woke up around 8pm throwing up, and didn’t stop until 1am. This was probably one of the hardest experiences Q and I have had to witness, knowing all we could do was wait it out and make sure she didn’t dehydrate. Then on Friday after the inspections, Q went down with me following him shortly there after.

What a way to celebrate, right?


2 thoughts on “The Good, the bad, and the ugly.

  1. Hey guys…Congratulations!!! Huge hug and high five and kiss kiss. I am so proud of you guys. As far as the UGLY goes, get prepared for many more. Pretty soon you will be handing Olive a trash can to carry around for the UGLY. Breathe easy for a moment.

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