Out with the old, in the with the new.

Our first weekend to choose which project we want to work on!  How exciting!

Olive near the living room window

Q was going to take the weekend off, so I could tackle the window in the living room (add a 6″ shelf and casement to match the other windows in the house.) I was half way through the project, when Quinton pointed… “How long has there been water underneath the water heater?” Yup, the very same water heater he just finished bringing it up to code.

So the window project was put aside, and we  purchased a new water heater.

Purchasing a new water heater.

The water heater we had was a 40 gallon, 10 year model. It has served us fairly well overall, but since we installed a dishwasher and have plans to install a second bathroom we knew the water heater should probably be upgraded, we also would prefer to switch to a tankless water heater to optimize our basement. However, with most unplanned purchases, our budget wasn’t able to accommodate our ‘wants’. As such, we fixed the problem with a low-cost solution of a 40 gallon / 6 year water heater, understanding we will eventually upgrade to the tankless model.

2012-12-30 11.31.45Installing a new water heater.

Luckily the new water heater was a pretty easy switch, with little modification of the new pipes Q recently installed. However our plumbing is OLD,  and the water shut off valve to the water heater, was completely rusted (photo on left). To remove this valve and install the new one ended up being a bit of a headache. Nevertheless, Q had the new water heater installed within two hours.

So what appliance will die on us next? …Hopefully not the boiler, since it was 10ºF this morning.

I will soon finish the window project I started and post it.

Ps. You might have notice the layout of the blog changing lately. I’ve finally found a good solution, so hopefully there won’t be any more dramatic changes.

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