The Pantry Plan.

We’ve been conspiring about our pantry. After looking at the upcoming projects we can choose to take on, we agreed the pantry should be next.

The Nity-Grity.

Our pantry is a great size at 8′ x 3′, with 12″ to the left of the door and a window on the north-facing wall. We will need to either remove the old linoleum flooring or cover it with another flooring option. We also are expecting that we will need to replace the window. It is the original sash window from 1941 with moisture damage. While updating the electric we added 4 outlets at counter height for all our appliances with the goal to keep our counter tops free of clutter.

The Ever Evolving Plan.

At the starting gate I got on Ikea’s 3D planner, and pulled together a design that I thought would optimize the space. But with a budget of $900, Ikea would not be the solution starting at $1,892. At this point, I re-focused on the other projects we had going on content to work with what we had.

After Christmas, my mother and I cleaned the pantry and re-organized the space. Seeing the potential, I began to draw up plans again. Keeping the budget of $900 below were the ideas.

  1. Make no changes, but swap out current microwave shelving unit.
    • This is doable, but doesn’t address the problem of the current built in shelves are not supporting the weight.
  2. Use metal shelves with  a butcher block counter top for the appliances.
    • For a long time I was content with this plan figuring it was the most affordable. But Q admitted that he really dislikes the metal shelves for a long-term solution primarily due to the lack of a solid surface.
  3. Build our own cabinets.

The Details:

Our current plan is budgeted at:

  • $500 for lumber/cabinets
  • $100 counter top
  • $100 for hanging ladder hardware and ladder
  • $40 paint
  • $100 floor solution
  • $0 new electric outlet along north-facing wall (for microwave)
  • $0 finishes for cabinets
  • $60 of unplanned

Our budget is considerably conservative, and we have high hopes of keeping to it, but what we have not included in the budget is a new window and potentially new drywall if the plaster doesn’t survive the removal of the current shelving.

We haven’t set a timeline for the project yet, but we are thinking early spring.

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