Our Newest Addition.

Our Kitchen started off with a bang, and soon after we had our cabinets installed and we thought this project would be finished in a flash… nope, we were wrong!

We closed on our house almost 9 months ago and although we have accomplished alot, the kitchen is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, we are making progress. Sunday, Q was able to hang our newest addition, a pot hanger! Which was surprisingly a long debate in our household.

Step 1: Do we want a ventless hood, microwave, or pot hanger?
Step 2: What kind of pot hanger? material, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, etc.,
Step 3: How to hang our wall mounted hanger with no studs and plaster walls?
Step 4: Install a ceiling mounted pot hanger.


After about a month of discussion and running electric for a hood, we decided to keep the original built-in fan and go with a pot hanger (step 1). The arguments were such:

  1. No to a hood: we were not excited to trade in the existing wall fan for a ventless hood, and we were concerned the hood would be too overwhelming for our little 9’x12′ kitchen
  2. No to microwave: I really wanted to keep the kitchen clean and simple and place all the appliances in the pantry. Plus I didn’t want to spend the money on a microwave
  3. Yes to pot hanger: We had purchased a wall mounted pot hanger for another house we lived in and loved it; We get storage and keep it simple with the already functional built in fan.

A POT HANGER, WHY SO COMPLICATED? (steps 2-4; 6 months)

Unfortunately after we bought a pot hanger that was similar to the one we had before, we learned the Hilti fasteners won’t work with old plaster walls and the studs were not positioned in our favor. Meaning we wouldn’t be able to put hardly any weight on it. So it was another 2 months of debating how solve this dilemma before we realized (with a little persuasion from my parents) that a ceiling mounted pot hanger would be just right. So we made a trade! (Although, we had purchased the wall mount pot rack so long ago we didn’t know if we could return it, so you will see it make a come back in the pantry later.)

Q made a trip to Home Depot to get some heavy duty hooks to bolt into a 1″x6″ cross beam he installed to the ceiling joists in the attic. The pot hanger was up! We hung our brand new copper pots/pans and we were done! And if we wanted to swing a 400 pound weight on it we can. Yippee! It only took us 7 months. (Please excuse our ceiling in the photos, we haven’t finished this project just yet.)

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