Soap Up.

I have a confession. I love old and new mason jars. I’ve had this addiction for about 4 years now, I started to buy them while planning our wedding when I discovered these personal pies and haven’t stopped.


The reason why this is an important confession, is my mom recently sent Q and I a gift: mason jar wine goblets and a soap dispenser. We immediately poured a beer after Olive went to sleep and relaxed.  Mason Goblets

We loved the soap dispenser so much I wanted another one for either the kitchen or bath. So I grabbed a blue mason jar (from our wedding) and with the dispenser that came with our faucet built another one. Ta-da!

Our kitchen has a new friend and took only 15min to drill a hole on the top of a lid and assemble the pump. (When I get more time, I will saw off the excess pieces of the pump so there is no white column visible inside the jar. OH! and not use yellow dish soap.)

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