The Dumping Ground (a.k.a. The Dining Room)

I searched high and low for the perfect dining room table and was so excited to find it. But, as time moved forward and life became a little busier then we prefer, our dining room went from simple, to a mess, and finally to a dumping ground (i.e., tools, shoes, coats, toys, your name it.) So…

How do we convert the biggest room in the house from UN-usable to USABLE?

Our ideas were:

  1. Convert the room to a second less formal living room (or family room). This just seemed awkward and would leave us with no table to eat on when having guests over.
  2. Accept we have a formal dining room and live up to it. We are stubborn folks, so this just didn’t fly.
  3. THE WINNER: Convert the room into a multipurpose-dining room.… This sounded like a hot-mess until I ran across an article in This Old House Magazine with the photo below.  How perfect does this seem?
Credit: This Old House, Aug 2012

Credit: This Old House, Aug 2012

We already have the large windows to bring in the light. So if we place our beloved dining room table to the west end of the room with a wrap around bench along the wall, the other half of the room would be opened up for  either a seating area or impromptu kid play area.

I moved the table into place, added a chair, and a play-mat to see if this might work. And I believe it just might. (As you can see the dumping is pretty overwhelming. Go ahead and judge us – We’ve come to own it.)

4 thoughts on “The Dumping Ground (a.k.a. The Dining Room)

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