More thinking – the Dining Room

With Q on board with the Dining room plan, I’ve started to play with colors and layouts. So far I’ve been unable to narrow down any ideas to make some decisions (surprise surprise).

Below are three color schemes. You will notice the blues are very close to the original photo from The Old House Magazine. Originally I was leaning towards a neutral color scheme, but the more I stared at it, I realized color might be better to lighten the room up more.

I attempted to pull together a ‘mood’ board. But I think I might have failed miserably. (Oh well!) The idea is the left side of the room (with the radiator) is Olive’s area with a small white table and blue chairs, while the right side has bench seating (with storage) and a formal table. Later in our lives, Olive’s area will become a seating area with arm chairs, side table and a bookcase.

Dinning room_3-02With this new plan, Q is now leaning towards a pedestal table to offset the square benches and create more floor space. I am indecisive for the time being.

One thought on “More thinking – the Dining Room

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