A Big decision… expansion.

Summer is coming soon and even though it was 28F outside this morning, we are hatching our plans for growth while it is hot!

After laying out plans for the pantry, the yard, and the dining room we looked at each other and agreed the basement trumps all.  So with our trusty tape measures we got our measurements and Q started creating some plans for us in Sketchup and I in Floorplanner.

A few goals with the space are:

  • Create a space that can function as a Master suite as well as a Play Area with ample closet space, a gas fireplace, and egress windows.
    • While the idea of Olive walking downstairs on her own to find us in the morning is scary, we will use this space as a playroom (Which means the toys are out of the living room.) BUT when she is older we will use it for our master suite get-a-way.
  • Create a second bathroom, that will also house our laundry.
    • We don’t have much flexibility here due to the plumbing setup of the house. So it is what it is. But We’ve got some ideas on how to spice this up.
  • Build an office to free up a bedroom upstairs.
    • So ensure we are adding value, this room will be a legal bedroom as well. Albeit small, it will be big enough for a twin bed.
  • Maintain a good sized basement workshop for Q and I.
  • Lastly, to ensure the space feels like a continuation of the house and not a glorified dungeon, we will be finishing the mud room.

With our availability to work  on the weekends and evening and our tight budget, this will be quite the challenge to finish within the next 12 months.

3 thoughts on “A Big decision… expansion.

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