Run, Baby, RUN! (Fence, Part I of III)

As much as we love going to parks, we would love to relax in our backyard and watch Olive play. But Olive is a runner. Whether to the front of the house and into the street or the back of the house into the alley, she laughs the entire way while causing Q and I a heart attack each time.

With summer here, we realized despite our plans for the basement, dining room or kitchen – we needed to put up a fence if Olive was going to be safe outside. (Which has become her own personal mantra – “Outside! Outside!”).

After having two quotes for a 125 linear foot fence with two gates come in around $4,000 for either cedar or vinyl, Q felt he could take the project on himself setting a budget of $2,000 for cedar. The cost difference between cedar and pressure treated was coming in around $700, which at first seemed worth spending. But soon the pressure treated went on sale making the cost difference over $1,000, which was hard to say no to.  So now, the fence budget is $900 for pressure treated – fingers crossed.

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