Fence, Part II of III

Q has begun the fence! So far so good.

STEP1: Rent an augre and dig the holes.

2013050595082347 2013050595084858

Our local code requires 3′ footings for each post. If we were to dig each with a post hole digger it would have taken all summer. So we rented a augre from Home Depot and Q was able to finish all the post holes in a day (and even spend some time with friends over lunch.) Mind you, his back was still wrecked, this machine made it go quicker but didn’t lighten the load any.

STEP 2: Drop the post in to see the fence come together

2013-05-06 16.56.06 2013-05-06 16.55.52

The posts are only set in the holes for appearance purposes, but boy does it feel good to see it coming together. (We did have to tear down our neighbor’s wire-mesh fence due to local code not allow fences to be back to back. Luckily they were excited to have a more stable fence go up in it’s place.)

STEP 3: Permit inspection – PASS / FAIL

We passed the inspection!

STEP 4: Plum and Cement the posts!

After cementing in 2 posts, we had the first ding to the budget, instead of 2 bags per hole it is 2.5 bags. Luckily, due to a malfunction with the auger, we have a little of the initial budget to reallocate, but we will be pushing it close to the initial budget.

NEXT STEPS: Build the panels once all the posts are set and cemented into place.

On a side note: We have been thinking of creative ways to use the extra dirt from the holes and so far an elevated pad to set a play house on for Olive is the winner. The yard has a lot of potential with all the flowers and sunlight and our goal is to clean it up and create designated areas for eating, playing and relaxing.

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