Mini Catch-up Post – Foundation Repair

Before and during the fence, there have been a few other projects going on. One of which is planning our attack on the basement renovation. The first step was waterproofing. As such we identified three key areas where water could get into the basement. The first area is where the original foundation built in 1908 met up with the addition built sometime before 1941. Instead of integrating the two foundations much like a tongue and grove configuration, they simple built them next to each other. Slowly they have pulled apart.

 The photo below shows the crack after Q grinded away the years of trying to apply anything from concrete to plaster to fix the problem.

20130413_170009Once this was finished, he went to town with epoxy and cement foundation repair kits and it now looks like this:


Here is a close up of the epoxy ports:

20130523_140945The repair has been successful!

Unfortunately as luck would have it, our basement did flood a few days later with the storm that brought in record rainfall. However, the repair job showed no signs of letting water in. So who knows how much additional water we would have seen otherwise. (AND no water has been seen since!)


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