What to tackle?

My mom will be arriving at the end of the week, and with her arrival comes time to work on a project (Olive will be at daycare and work will be limited). While it won’t be a totally indulgent week, it will definitely be a week to finally tackle a project with her help.

So, What to Tackle?

This has been a very difficult question to answer (as I am sure my mom can attest with many calls and emails with possibilities). I’ve finally narrowed a very long list it down to 3 options:
> Clean/paint mud room, install beadboard wainscoting on top stair landing
> Paint dinning room, remove baseboards (install in kitchen)
> Begin to landscape the yard….

While each project should take no longer then 4 days to complete, it is still a hard choice to make, for each project opens a can or worms. For instance, to clean and paint the mud room we will end up demo-ing some old nasty built-in shelves, installing an attic ladder to make room for the beadboard and more.

Needs to say I can’t wait to reveal what we decided once it is all complete!!!

One thought on “What to tackle?

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