Mudroom make over.

After spending a week on vacation it seems like it was ages ago that my mom and I were working hard on the mudroom trying to figure out how we could turn this room from a trash pit into a beautiful functional room.

Last you heard from me we were trying to decided what to tackle, and the mud room won out for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was cold and rainy when my mom arrived.
  2. It was a bit too late in the season to re-plant so many plants that were already blooming
  3. I secretly was dyeing to tackle the mud room.

I tried to find some before photos of the mudroom, but we really did avoided this room and as such there were was only these photos:

Our first step was to have Q install a folding ladder: DONE

2013-06-03 17.23.22

Then we cleared the room out, removed the shelving unit, and cleaned up the spray foam and plaster around the door to install door casing.

Next, while I sanded the floors at the top of the landing, Mom began the long task of repairing the walls.

Paint! At first we choose a light blue, but after looking at the walls for several days we wanted a change. So we went with a bright yellow.

Unfortunately, at this point we ran out of time. So the wainscoting we bought didn’t go up along with the door casing. My mom did surprise us upon our return from vacation with a freshly painted banister and some trim work! Although the room is incomplete, it is already looking much better.

Next Steps: finish painting, install wainscoting and trim work while also designing a nice storage area for coats, shoes and recycling. Then hold tight until we figure out how we want to finish the lower part of the room.

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