My restless ADD.

I swore up and down that I would stay focused on the mudroom, but with temperatures climbing up to 90F and the humidity not helping the windows got shut and the AC turned on. Which means the mudroom is HOT HOT HOT (and out of sight).

So now what?! Dining Room.

We decided to make this a multipurpose room, which would allow me to put up some nice wainscoting or board-n-batten on the three walls of the dining room. As such, there was no point removing the wallpaper on these walls. Which leaves only taking the mini-hallway and the built-in walls down to the plaster. (Thank goodness, I am sick of wallpaper!)

Along time ago, I painted a few color swatches to see which direction we wanted to go. After finding my dream I tried blue. But, this felt too dramatic for us so, I took a step towards cream. This was too boring and an odd departure from the subtle gray in the living room.

2013-05-06 10.58.12 Ultimately, since the living room and dining room are only separated by 5Ft of a mini-hallway, I used the same color. (The wainscoting will provide some detail that will separate the two spaces.) Which also means I was able to keep my budget for the space at $70 since I already have the paint.

After 4 days of wallpaper removal, wall repair, prep, and paint I still have a stretch of wall to repair and paint, but already the space no longer feels dingy and dark. AND, there is only one room in the house that still has wallpaper.


  • Painting supplies $21
  • Wallpaper removal/repair supplies $13
  • Primer $30

Next Steps:

  • Finish section wall to be repaired/painted.
  • Devise plan for bench seating and wainscoting.

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