If I had more time and money….

…I would, probably also have won the lottery and my very own pet unicorn. Ha!

Nevertheless, it is sometimes refreshing to think about all the potential your home has IF, you had more time and more money. Of course I’ve been collecting images on Pinterest, but below are some of my dream projects:

  1. Building a Master Suite in the attic with a office nook.
    • At one point I drafted up a floor plan that would place a grand staircase going to the basement and the attic in the center of the house. Not only would it allow light into the center of the house, but also make both the basement and attic feel like natural continuations of the main floor.
  2. Create a Guest Room/play room  and Laundry Room in the basement.
    • We went down this rabbit hole already. Sadly, this project has been delayed by a variety factors. But we hope to start this soon.
  3. Build a larger kitchen.
    • Q has heard this grandiose plan, and just shakes his head. Nevertheless here it goes. If we built a master suite upstairs, I would love to have our current bedroom be a continuation of the kitchen and add french doors to a deck outside. You know, a small project.
  4. Landscape the yard with a fire pit and deck.
    • I’d love to add a deck to the back of the house, then re-distribute the wonderful flowers the previous owner planted to the perimeter of the yard, and finally have an inviting fire pit to hang out at after Olive goes to sleep.

Some of these projects will never see the light of day, but one can always dream, right?

On a serious note, if we could figure out how to grab a couple of hours a day to work on the house without giving up our time to spend with Olive, life would be a bit less hectic. But, with extra hours spent on the house generally comes less sleep, less family time, and more money spent. However, this week I will try to cross s few things off our task list.


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