So it begins.

A while back we started to dream about building into the basement, and 2 weeks ago Q took the plunge!

Step One: get a dumpster.

We discovered that if we went the bagster route, we didn’t need to worry about permits and could work on our timeline. So one Sunday we placed the bagster on our parking pad out back, and Q tore down all the old moldy faux board paneling, and began to clear out some of our junk.

Already the basement is smelling much better!

Step Two:  Install a new sump pump.

With the bare walls, Q began the thankless task of digging a very large hole in hard packed clay to install the sump pump. Fast forward a couple of days and a soar back, Ta-dah!

Once the hole was completed, we received several inches of rain, and no water in the hole!! Yippee.

Step Three: Prep the basement for insulation and framing.

Q has been doing his research on the best solution to insulate the basement, while also removing the old plaster  from the basement walls and applying drylok.

We are getting closer!

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