Mud inside and out.

This weekend we got ‘stuff’ done!

Q took on the inglorious task of cleaning and fixing both our and our neighbors gutters out in preparation of the winter. While cleaning both gutter systems he discovered the bitter truth that both were not working, between our neighbors 8ft clogged downspout and our missing downspout. (Which also has been contributing to our basement water issues.) However, they are all fixed now!2013-11-03 12.26.06

While Q was busy playing in cold, muddy, leafy, water goo, I picked up where my mom and I left off in the mud room. With many cuts and lots measuring we now have 12 pegs to hang our coats on. Next step: prime, paint and seal. Ta-dah!!

2013-11-03 14.10.46

2 thoughts on “Mud inside and out.

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