A new list.

We’ve started a new list – ‘Before baby’. That’s right, the male population of Snodganistan will be doubling in April. With the new resident comes a bunch of new to-dos with a somewhat inflexible deadline. Our list so far includes:

  1. Finish basement (the big to do that will be the most challenging.)
  2. Paint my current office and pull together a nursery (this room has pretty much remained untouched since finishing the floors.)
  3. Build a reading nook in Olive’s closet so she has a special spot  (here is my inspiration)
  4. Finish up some of the half complete projects
    1. Mud room
    2. Kitchen (this might be ambitious, so we might focus on just getting the shelves up to make room for the bottles.)
    3. Painting projects throughout house

As you can tell this list is not a small one. The basement project alone has about 100 sub-tasks to be completed. Nevertheless, I think we can pull it off. We’ve got 4 months (gulp!).

Of course this also means the on-going task list has also been updated.

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