Let there be light.

As we move forward with the basement project there have been no hiccups or surprises (knock-on-wood).

The first accomplishment: Lights. Q has successfully run the electric and installed seven recessed lights, and run the electric for most the the new floor plan. He even managed to put up a few of the internal walls (at least the walls with light switches). Next step, finish the switches and move to the wall outlets.

The second accomplishment: Heat! This morning it was 1F. Ouch! Luckily Q ran new gas line and installed a temporary 40,000 BTU gas wall heater. This should be powerful enough to heat the whole basement if we needed it. YEAH!!!

2013-12-07 22.04.38

As the floor plan starts to become more evident and functional, I can’t tell you how exciting it is!

Our broad strokes task list:

  1. Water proof basement
  2. Insulate exterior walls
  3. Run electric/install lights
  4. Frame in floor plan (remove the last bit of junk from the basement)
  5. Run electric/install wall outlets and wall switches
  6. Hang doors
  7. Hang drywall
  8. Mud/tap drywall
  9. Paint
  10. Install flooring

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