A New Year with His & Her Closets!

We had the luxury of staying home for the holidays and with it came a week of relaxation and eating followed by a week of working on many projects. The basement was the main target.

Back in March we started to lay the ground work, and created a wish list. Not too much after that, our basement flooded. Which significantly hit our budget and timeline with alot more water proofing then we originally planned for. Consequently we trimmed the fat (the bathroom/laundry area) and focused on our immediate needs of a playroom/office with additional closet space.

Our floor plan evolved a few times, but we are really excited about where we landed between his/her closet spaces, a linen closet, an office ‘area,’ and a large room for relaxing.

The week began with Q finishing up the additional lights for the closet/office, ordering new windows (which sadly won’t arrive for 3 weeks), finishing up the framing and followed by continued work on electric with wall outlets.

Next Steps: Tackle the additional gas lines for the primary heater and fireplace (more to come on this in another post), order/hang doors, and begin to hang the drywall.

It is getting closer and closer to being finished space and with three months to go before our family grows it is doubly exciting!

2 thoughts on “A New Year with His & Her Closets!

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