Storage, complete

With the holiday break, I was able to tackle a few projects on my ‘Before Baby’ list and few additional pieces in attempts to get organized.

The first project was to add additional storage for all the baby ‘stuff’ (bottles, drying rack, pacifiers, bottle warmer, etc.,) that will need a home in the kitchen. We’ve done a pretty good job keeping our kitchen gadgets at a minimum and cluttering up our pantry, but we still needed storage for everyday plates and glassware.

Our end goal for upper storage was to install shelves flanking the sink, but now we are re-thinking this idea and potentially will go with upper glass cabinets. But we aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on this idea. However, we did have a beautiful space above the radiator that was a perfect spot for an upper cabinet. 2013-11-22 21.48.08So while visiting a re-sale shop, I picked up a solid wood cabinet for $20, and was able to refinish it white to match our current lower cabinets and with some new shelves and a fancy hanging bracket we have more storage.

Of coarse when we went to hang it, the task wasn’t as simple as screwing it into the the studs, because we only had one stud. So after seeing this trick on TOH, we fashioned ourselves a new backing with a ‘cleat’ and hung it up with 5 screws. The cabinet will be going nowhere any time soon.

3 thoughts on “Storage, complete

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