Making room for baby (more wallpaper)

As part of prepping for the new baby, a nursery is pretty much a necessity. So my mom is coming up to help me get the ball going on the nursery, but also create a special place for Olive as well.

To prep for her arrival, I’ve cleared out my office and taken a quick look at the state of the wallpaper. Which is not good. The stuff is sticking to the walls like no tomorrow and it is newer paper with a coating. Which means the old tried and true hot water/fabric softner might not work as quickly as it has on the other rooms. Nevertheless, the room is now prepped for wall paper removal.

To prep Olive’s closet was a much bigger task. When we moved in, we noticed the closet had a strange peg board with large holes drilled into it on one side creating quite the draft. With bigger fish to fry, we ignored it.

Today, I tore it down and discovered that at one point there had been a moisture issue and they resolved it by covering it up. (Never a good idea.) On the plus side the damage was cosmetic only to the plaster. So after removing the old cover-up, I sprayed the redeemable wall with mold and mildew control, and removed the non-redeemable spots.

Lastly, I hung new drywall. Now, we are ready to tape/mud the space and start the rest of the project. (On a side note, I have to admit I do not like to hanging drywall and do not look forward to helping Q hang over 1200lbs of it in the basement. But what can you do, hire body double?)

ps. OnĀ  a ‘life’ side note, we received about a foot of snow this week, and shoveling snow four times in two days while six months pregnant is feather in my cap I am pretty proud of.

2 thoughts on “Making room for baby (more wallpaper)

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